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Why CT Event
CT Event are aiming to make changes to the world corporate leaders by highlighting the power of innovation and technology in all of the events.

Who are We
At CT Event, we provide our clients with a unique platform to improve their position in the marketplace through the latest concern on business conferences, advanced training and networking opportunities. We pride ourselves on mixing innovation with traditional methodologies to deliver timely and relevant events.

Customer-commitment, Innovation, Creativity, Trust, A-Will-To-Win are the 5 main elements of CT Event and they are the drivers which enable us to deliver distinctive events to elevate our clients and their business to the next level.

Progress begins and ends with people, adopting fresh ideas that will keep each organization competitive. Our main goal is to develop long-standing partnerships with our current and future clients, delivering innovative business events that will constantly increase bottom line profits - this is our commitment!
Core Values
Customer-Commitment We forever aim to build relationships that can create huge positive impact in our customer’s lives
Creativity We imagine what is possible beyond the impossible. Foster creativity that challenges constraints and drives progress.
Innovation We carefully select the most innovative solutions and unsurpassed service that, together, deliver the only premium value to our customer
Trust We hold the trust given to always work together closely within the team, across boundaries to reach the needs of our customers in order to fulfil beyond their expectations
A-Will-To-Win We exhibit a strong will to win in the marketplace and in every aspect of our business to deliver only the best quality result
Our Vision We aim to fulfil the needs of our customer by delivering the best product with the right solutions that can help to educate them not only professionally but also individually
Our Mission We empower event professionals, by the idea of simplicity, modernization, technology advancement and connecting people globally to successful events